Two Projects

I have two projects going. The first is a new scarf on the loom. This time I hemstitched the end of it so I hope this means it will look cleaner. I am not too happy with the yarn. I never liked it and I don’t think it will look good in woven form either, but it is worth a shot. This is a yarn that I got from a yarn club. I normally love Pigeonroof yarn, but not anything I have gotten from a club… Anyway here it is, I doubt I will be able to, but I would like to finish it tomorrow.

Picture 004

And then the other project is Louie the Lovebot for Babykins. He wanted a robot doll and so I am working on it. I have the body done, the head stuffed. I just need to make the legs, arms, and bolts for the side of his head. I think I will take this one with me on my business trip. I am also thinking about making a Maddox Monster out there. I am thinking of making him with Noro so he would stripe. Would this be made of awesome?

Picture 003

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1 Response to Two Projects

  1. Anything that stripes is OSSUM. Striping monsters are doubly so.

    As for the scarf, from the pictures, it's looking rather cute. If you don't like it, perhaps you know someone who likes those yellowy green colors?


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