No Progress

I have no progress on any of my projects. I wanted to warp my loom, but well here it is the end of the day and nothing has happened. I haven’t worked on either hat nor have I started on Babykin’s mittens. I am however going to a LYS tomorrow so I am suer I will pick up more yarn. The more you spend the more you save. I am planning on picking up more yarn for my Comfy Couch Blanket AKA the Never Ending Alpaca Blanket. I figure getting it on sale will make me feel better about the over all cost of the blanket… Hopefully I will have some nice pictures of a FO or two tomorrow after the long car ride.

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1 Response to No Progress

  1. SusanB-knits says:

    It's ok to take a day or two off from crafting. Enjoy the break. Can't wait to see what lovely yarns you get!


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