Tweed Baby Blanket

After sitting on the needles for almost a year I finally got around to finishing the tweed blanket I was making for Babykins. I have yarn to make another one for Chubbs. Hopefully it doesn’t take me a year to complete. Really the pattern isn’t hard or anything, I just didn’t feel like picking up 440 stitches. But not that it is done I am eager to start on another one. However, I am making a quick baby sweater for a coworker’s daughter. My coworker was nice enough to drive me car home with the kids and me in it after I got drugged up in ER last week. She also went back to base to get my prescriptions and brought them here for me. And the following day she brought me some flowers. Very nice and she seems knit worthy so her daughter is getting a sweater and maybe a blanket if I can finish them in time.

Picture 091

Oh and the yellow stripe towards the edge is not an error. I ran out of the orange yarn and had to start the yellow stripe right there. Babykins doesn’t seem to mind though.

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