Unhappy Rosamund

I often jump into my crafts without gauge. I made a sweater in four days. I am pretty happy with that fact, even if I hate the sweater. I tried a gauge swatch and it didn’t match. So I went down a needle size. My hands could not handle another needle size down. I tried the sweater on, but since my needles were too small, I couldn’t really stretch it out or it would have fallen off the needles. I know, I know, I could have put it on some scrap yarn, but that isn’t the way I work. It all seemed okay, even if my reverse stockinette was really off. I finished it, seven skeins of tosh bulky later. I loved the color, flour sack. I was ready to be happy, but it was not to be. My gauge was way off. My hands ache from knitting it. I am not sure if it was too tight or if it was the weight of the bulky yarn. Anyway it is huge on me. I went on ravelry and read what other people wrote. Seems that no one knit this in bulky weight, they all used smaller weight. So here I am with a sweater I will never wear due to its hugeness and the fact that I am getting smaller albeit slowly. I would try to reclaim the yarn, but I just don’t want to. The worst part, four lost days of knitting.

Picture 021

Picture 020

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2 Responses to Unhappy Rosamund

  1. SusanB-knits says:

    Put it in thyme out! You may decide to reclaim the yarn later. šŸ™‚


  2. Yeah…there was a lot of discussion about the yarn that cardigan was knit in shortly after publication: it's not a true bulky like it's listed as. It's thick-thin and more of a worsted.

    Sorry to hear it didn't turn out. If you decide not to reclaim it, maybe you know someone it will fit?


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