Keeping Busy

Well I have been running around lately, but I have been trying to keep busy. I went to Florida with my friend Mindy. It was nice to see her again and it was nice to get out of the normal routine. I wanted to take some pictures of the awesome sunset, but the cab just got there so I took two really quick shots and then we left. I wish I could have taken some more…

Picture 007

I knit a hat for a test knit. I thought it was going to be a fast knit, but since it was with sock yarn it seemed to take forever. I am going to give it to Babykins when I see him again.

Picture 008

Today I got bored and made a hat in one day. I was pretty happy with it. I am thinking about making two more hats, one for Babykins and one for Chubbs. I figure it would be some more child torture. I am pretty sure I have enough yarn…

Picture 004

In other knitting news I have been making a sweater for Chubbs. However, I think it might be a bit too girlie. I am just not sure. I am also not sure if I like the sweater at all…

Picture 007

Lastly, I decided to make another hat. While at Stitches South I got a kit to make a whole bunch of hats and the striped hat and this one come from that kit. I am trying to use up all the yarn so that I don’t have to try to find room for the yarn. It has been traveling a lot in the car since I got it months ago. It has yet to make it to the stash and I would like to keep it that way…

Picture 006

Anyway I have been keeping busy. Hopefully I can blog more when I get back home…

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