Spinning A Yarn

A few weeks ago I got the parts to fix my spinning wheel. And yesterday Ernesto fixed it for me. I spent most of the afternoon spinning this roving I got in the mail yesterday:

Picture 065

This is from a yarn club that I joined. I don’t remember fiber being part of the deal. I didn’t spin when I joined and I would have been pretty mad right now if I had not picked up spinning, but since I do spin it isn’t a big deal. This club should have finished a long time ago, but it is still going on. Not a big deal either, I had forgotten about it so the package I got in the mail was a real surprise!

Anyway I spun half of it yesterday and then ran into a problem. I was out of bobbins. Well I had one, but I need two to finish the job. So I built my lazy Kate today and made my first real plied yarn! I hated the fiber, but it was my starting out fiber. Now I can move on to the prettier stuff. I have a ton of nice stuff in the Closet of Doom. But since that is all really nice, I used the stuff I got in the mail that I really didn’t care for.

So for my first plied yarn I have this:

Picture 063

Now this was done before I broke my wheel and before I discovered that my Lazy Kate was missing parts. So then today I made these:

Picture 066

It is very sheepie. I think it is because it is from local sheep. I am thinking about making a pipe bag for Ernesto with it. Though I think I would it on the knitty knoddy wrong so for all I know it might be all tangled.

So this moves us to the new yarn I am making:

Picture 064

This is the second bobbin. I would be done already but I have school work to do which I actually have to get back to. So hopefully tomorrow I will have some new yarn to show off and maybe Chubbs’s Hoodie which just needs to be pieced together.

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