Crazy in Korea

I don’t know why, but there is a time and a place for everything and that is Korea. A lot of crazy things have happened in Korea. Many nights of drinking. Most of my time in bars has been in Korea. You always see crazy things going on here. I feel bad because I think that Koreans all think that this is what all Americans must be like. But Korea is always a good time. And Korea is super safe. It is this aspect that leads me to my next topic.

I do things in Korea that I would never, ever do in the states. For instance just walk in the area of Songtan. If there was a city like this in the US, I would never get out of the car. Nor would I walk around alone in it in daylight. Tonight I went out by myself at night in a town that looks like this. Don’t get me wrong, Korea can be really nice, it just never is near a base. It is like they keep it run down and dirty because they think that the Americans like it that way.

So back to my story. I went back to the fruit store. Not really a scary place. Tonight I got a really nice fruit parfait and was in the company of many 16 year old Korean girls. Not really a place that will get me in trouble. I then wandered around a bit. I got a chip for Babykins. The little guy will now have 100 or so DS games in one game. Hopefully he doesn’t lose it in the couch or car like he normally does.

Then I started walking down alleyways. At one point I ended up in a market selling some crazy things. Mostly food products that I would never go near. Up and down other alleys I broke down and bought a pair of overpriced gloves. I just wanted warm hands and I didn’t even argue. I got some cute socks and stationary too. I then went back to the main strip. Now I have been looking for purses. I am not going to lie. I am looking for the good purses. The ones you can’t tell are fake. I have been disappointed every time I go out. But I have now found out I was going out too early.

Cue next thing I would never do in the States. I went into a few stores and they asked what I was looking for. I said, “Coach like bags.” One store owner took me down an alleyway that was not lit to his storage unit to look at bags. Another took me into the store he had next door. He locked the store with me in it. Then takes me downstairs. All these would be indicators to get the mace out normally… Then he opens a secret door in a false wall that he has and there were all the Coach bags. Well “Coach” bags… So now I am the proud owner of three new purses. One for my mother, (she read my blog so hopefully she is happy now…) one for my mother in law, and one for myself.

I wonder what adventures Korea has for me tomorrow. My last full day in Korea…

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