Jet Lagged In Korea

Well who knew that this was going to be a series:) My clock is completely messed up. I went into to work at 3 am this morning and am now trying to stay awake so I can go in at noon tomorrow. Then I have Friday and a wake up before I go back home. Then a week at home before I go to New York where I will not be visiting Toby. My brother had to put him to sleep and the family is very sad. But besides the sadness everything seems to be going well with the kids. It makes me happy that they are having a good time. Though when I talk to Babykins he tells me how many days it is before I get home. So I guess he misses me after all.

Progress on my sock is slow. I have been very tired and it is hard to concentrate on it. Besides that I am scared to see how jet lagged I will be once I get back to Texas. And it would be nice to get a full weekend…

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