Cold in Korea

Today I went walking around Songtan, the area outside of the base I am visiting in Korea. It is quite cold out here and I am regretting packing so light. I am missing all the nice hand knit good I have at home that I could have brought with me. All I brought was an Odessa hat I knit. The yarn is half silk half wool and not nearly warm enough. I should have brought my Peaks Hoodie. It would have worked well under my coat.

On to other thoughts. I wish I was thin so I could order a custom made cashmere coat here. For those that don’t know, Korea is awesome for custom made goods. I have some shoes and a coat from here. I haven’t had much luck in finding anything though. I can’t find any purses and the jade I have looked at hasn’t made me swoon. Probably for the best, I don’t need to be spending boatloads of cash while here. I just wish I could get Ernesto a cashmere coat. I am sure he would have appreciated it.

I am currently in my hotel room trying to decide what to do. I have to go into work tonight at 3 am local. It is going to be cold and I will be tired. I am thinking about taking a nap and then going to the BX to get some gloves. I really need some gloves… It will be quite a walk at 3 am. But at least I am getting exercise.

In sad news, my father’s cat isn’t doing too well. Toby and I have our differences, I have shed much blood because of that cat being upset, but I like the furball as I do all animals so I hope the brother lets me know that he is okay tomorrow. Not just for the cat but for my dad who is the only person that the cat ever really took too. We got him when I was in high school. My Josekat is older by about 2 years so I would say that Toby is 14 years old. That is pretty old for a cat and he has led a good life, but still I hope I hear that Toby is okay. I would like to see him in New York when I visit in two weeks.

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