Travel Woes

I think someone is trying to tell me something, like this is going to be a bad trip. First, Babykins decides that he doesn’t want me to go anywhere. He cries so much that he gives himself a fever and he pukes. Of course he is fine now that he has calmed down. Or so I am told since I am currently not at home.
Okay so yeah that isn’t too big of a deal right? Well then I get to the ticket counter and though I have reservations, my tickets haven’t been paid for… No probleml right? It was just going to get charged to my travel card. So I give the man my credit card to pay for the ticket. Not so easy, when in life are things ever easy? He had to call the international number for government travel in order to get the authorization. Can I write this off as my only hiccup? I wish.
I have a notebook for work. I write my staff meeting notes and general work notes in there. After I came back from maternity leave I took an analysis class on base. In one part of the class we needed to present an analysis tool. I happen to teach this tool so I wrote down some notes about what we do so I wouldn’t forget. The notes read:
Airplane Scenario: bomb residue, flash leading to plane, corrosive wires, etc
TSA not only opened my bag, but they read my notebook. The notebook I almost put in my carry on, the notebook I almost didn’t bring with me. So the little old man from TSA came upstairs and asked for me. I had chit-chat with him down as my carry-on went through the x-ray. I thought the notebook had fallen out of my bag. I was thanking him for giving it back to me when he tells me that he wants to talk about something disturbing he read in it. What? He read my notebook? Anyway I explained the whole situation to him. He asked for my boss’s number. I gave it to him and some other numbers. He came back and told me it was all good but that I should take the page from the notebook. It has been noted and it will be done. I can’t imagine how the rest of this trip will be…

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2 Responses to Travel Woes

  1. SusanB-knits says:

    Too weird! To bad they have to hassle the military. And to go through your notebook and read it! What?! they have nothing better to do?


  2. Stacey says:

    Oh, the hilarity. Why does the notebook thing seem like it could only happen to you? 😀


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