Virginia Knit Night

Today was a nice evening. I got to go to knit night with a few ladies from the snobs group on Ravelry. The weather was crappy though so besides having some other commitments, I wasn’t able to stay long because I didn’t want to be driving around as it got colder. I was in Alaska for 5 years so it wasn’t the weather I was scared of, but I did live in Virginia for 18 years so I know about the driving skills in sleet here. So I left Panera after delivering some yarn I was destashing, being paid in hot chocolate, and knitting a few rows and hearing some funny stories.

I have not knit nearly as much as I wanted while here, but I think the bag is starting to look nice even if it doesn’t resemble a bag yet:

Picture 021

Oh and Babykins is counting down the days until I get home. Such a cute little boy:)

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