Amish Bread

Yesterday I bought another bread book. Given all the time in the world I would read these books and get cooking. However, with two boys, grad school, a full time job, and life I never get to it. Anyway, I buy this book and Ernesto starts to demand bread. No big deal except I haven’t read the book and they are not just cookbooks, they have methods. So just going to a recipe isn’t the way to do it. Also, some bread take two days and I didn’t want to go to the store. So today I make white Amish bread. It was a recipe that my RTH group did a few months back: Anyway it turned out really well!

Picture 003

But it makes two loaves so I decided to experiment with the second loaf. I mixed some olive oil, feta, basil, and pepper. I rolled out the bread, spread this on it and then rolled it back up and put it into the pan. It came out very well and Ernesto was happy:)

Picture 005

Yay to homemade bread.

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