Goals for 2010

I am not one to make resolutions for the new year. Instead, I like to make goals. My biggest goal or maybe the hardest, is to get rid of a bunch of yarn. I have tried to destash, but I like my yarn, that is why I purchased it in the first place! So I am just going to try to knit a lot.

Another knitter in the area has said that she felt guilty about doing other crafts when she has so much stash and I must say that I agree. I have trouble knitting when the house is messy, I am sure some would say that I have problems, I call it quirky.

So my plan is to go Cold Sheep. No more yarn unless it is for my alpaca blanket. I haven’t worked on this blanket much and I already have a bunch of yarn for it so I might not even get to the point where I need to buy more unless I get the urge to knit it NOW at some point. Which can totally happen, remember, quirky… Also I have four big bins of yarn and I have more yarn than will fit in there. I want to fit my yarn into three bins. I need to make a lot of sweaters…

Also craft related, I would like to spin 10 minutes a day. I have a lot of fiber along with my stash and I need to get that down as well.

My other big goal is to lose 25 pounds. I need to lose it for work, plus I want to fit into my old clothes. This one will require running, I want to get to 25-30 miles a week and some swimming when the pools are open, 3-5 miles a week.

Going along with losing weight, I want to cook more at home. I did rather well with this one when I moved to San Angelo, but then having Baby Baby put us back to eating out a lot. It isn’t as bad as in Anchorage, but I like to cook and I have a lot of things to cook with so I may as well get cooking:) Along with this I would like to eat out only once or twice a week. Ideally once a week for dinner and once for lunch. I would like to try 20 new recipes this year and make some new desserts/breads. Twenty new recipes averages out to about a new recipe every two weeks with some extra weeks to just chill if things get to crazy. But I have to remember about my possible deployment…

I also want to start to teach Babykins how to read. He knows all his letters so I figure we can try.

I have picked up stamping so I hope to make my Christmas cards next year. Maybe I will make them little by little during the year. I only need about 30 I think. I don’t think it is cheaper by any means, but it keeps me entertained.

On the finances part, I need to set up a monthly allotment for my IRA and set one up for Ernesto. I also want to put away a bit of money each month (maybe $200-300) for Christmas and birthdays.

In the other savings account I want to put in about $2000 a month for our down payment for a chunk of land and then save up to build our own house. We have 12 years to do it so I think we will be okay!

I think that is about it. For now:) Off to go knit and get some stashdown:)

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