Little Boys and Christmas

I know that I wanted a little girl, but let me tell you that little boys are tons of fun! Babykins finally gets holidays and since we got back from Florida has been asking us constantly about Christmas. It is weird being in Texas where we were in short sleeves today. But for me it is a welcome change since 5 years in Alaska.

Yesterday we went to Johnson City to see this really nice display of lights. The day before that we went on the driving tour of San Angelo. The kids enjoyed both trips:)

Picture 016
Pardon the cut off sign, we were in the car…

Picture 059
Johnson City

Picture 103
Sorry for the blurry shot, but he never holds still unless asleep.

Picture 073
The only picture of Babykins holding still and not making a weird face.

Today I spent a lot of time making food. I made some awesome chili with my new crockpot and I made some corn bread. Plus I made this really tasty pumpkin chocolate bread. I really should get pictures, but people get hungry around here and don’t want to wait for me to get the camera…

Oh and yarn diet success, Ernesto took me to Hill Country and I didn’t buy any yarn. He encouraged me to, but I was good. Instead I got a bunch of books. Well, I have to start somehow right:)

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