First Stamping Party

Today I attended my first stamping party. I have been buying Stampin’ Up stuff lately and eagerly awaiting the first “class.” Really it was an informal get together and she showed me how to make some cool stuff with the Christmas stamps I purchased. It was a nice way to spend the morning, though I really should have been knitting:)

Take a look at what I made!

Picture 001

Picture 002

Today I also got my last Malabrigo of the year shipment. And yesterday I got my invite to re-up my Woolgirl Sock club membership (members are allowed to sign up first and then it gets opened to everyone else…). And I am not signing up for it. I have so much yarn that as fun as these package are I cannot justify signing up for it again until I have cut my yarn in half, which probably means I will never join the club again:( But I do still have her Miss Babs club for 5 more shipments I think, another year of the Wizard of Oz one, and maybe two more shipments of the lace club.

Another thing to talk about. I think I have been telling everyone in person about my new blender. I love it. It was a huge expense, but I have been making much use of it:) It is a Blendtec if you know anything about blenders (I don’t) and it can make hot soup with cold ingredients. I have no idea how and I am sure that if I knew the magic just would be the same. Ernesto and I have had so many tasty soups in these strange cold and dreary Texas days we have been having, well except for today, I think it might be 65 right now… Anyway I have made two types of potato soup, a tomato cheese soup and tortilla soup. Today I made some yummy juice and tomorrow we are making fondue now that I finally scored the right types of cheese.

Is it sad that I am so excited about a blender?

Hopefully tomorrow I will have some pictures of a gingerbread house to proudly display!

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