Slow Knitting

Or no knitting. I have just been too tired and busy:( I have only finished one of the mittens I am making for Babykins!

Picture 006

They take minutes and I still haven’t started the other one. Hopefully this weekend. Though tomorrow we have the squadron holiday party. I went and bought a dress. I finally had to look at sizes. I wasn’t as big as I thought I would be, but I wasn’t anywhere near where I should be:( Oh well. I have been losing weight little by little and we are still working on getting my thyroid levels right. Anyway besides the party on Friday I have a stamping party on Saturday. I have started trying to make gift cards and such. I got sucked into Stampin’ Up. Hopefully I won’t need another closet for it.

I am also considering quilting again. This has inspired me. But I feel guilty leaving all my knitting to the side. This is how sad it has become when my yarn makes me guilty. Speaking of yarn I got this in the mail today:

Picture 007

It feels even better than it looks!

I have a friend coming here for a few weeks on a business trip. I hope to get a ton of knitting done while she is here. Hopefully I don’t get tempted to buy yarn when we visit the yarn shops. And I hope to bake with her. Should be fun:)

Speaking of bread, I haven’t told anyone about my blender. It is fantastic and worth the huge amount of money I paid for it. Ernesto and I have been eating tasty soups all week. I got it for smoothies and haven’t made one yet. Go figure. It can make ice cream and fondues too. I found the cheeses we need for fondue today so maybe this weekend. I know, I know, I have a fondue pot, but something new is always fun:)

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