So we are back from Florida. It was a very nice vacation. Babykins loved Disney and loved being around his Aunties and Baby Baby started using his hands and talking more. We got back and I had a slew of packages waiting for me. I won’t post all the yarn that I got, but let’s just say it was a lot. I really need to go on a yarn diet. If nothing else because my closet is going to explode with yarn. I have a few orders on their way. I also have some yarn clubs that extend into next year: Woolgirl Lace, Woolgirl Miss Babs, Woolgirl Wizard of Oz, and my Intentions Yarn which should have ended this year, but is only half way done. Don’t get me started… I think that is it for clubs. Oh and I have one subscription of Sundara for March. Besides that I am only planning on buying yarn for my Alpaca blanket. I am going to try to go cold turkey. I have enough yarn for any project that I may want to do!

So what projects are next? Well I want to finish ones that I have had on the needles for too long. Make mittens for Babykins, a baby blanket for Ernesto’s troop, and a nice shawl for my best friend’s mother who has cancer. Hopefully I can get all this done this month and start fresh next year. I will still have stuff on the needles, but that is going to be a constant.

This year was supposed to be the year of the sock, but it ended up being the year of the shawl. Maybe next year will be the year of the sweater and I can clear out some yarn? I am still trying to get 52 projects for this year. I have lost track of the amount of yarn used, but I should be able to tally it when I finish out the year.

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