Swap Goodness

I have gotten two swap packages that I need to blog about. The first was from my RTH group.

Picture 009

This is all of it. So much nice things. Interweave Holiday, two nice cookbooks, some knitpicks yarn, notecards, a notepad, some hand cream, wonderful tea, snackies. It was wonderful to get my held mail and get this. I got it yesterday and I was too tired to get pictures to show how wonderful it was…

Today I got my Malabrigo swap package:

Today was my first day back to work after a nice long vacation. It is always a hard day… I don’t mind my work, but I rather win the lottery:) And I am sick. So getting a package in the mail was wonderful!!!

Picture 0050005
Everything still wrapped up!

Picture 0100007
She sent toys for my kids! Baby Baby got some keys! He passed out in sheer excitement:)

Picture 0090006
Babykins was harder to catch, he got a little car and was off playing with it before I could snap a shot!

Picture 0130010
Recipe cards for my recipe exchanges (and I will use them too! they are too nice not to keep with tasty recipes!:))

Picture 0140011
Stuff to spoil myself! I love the socks. I got back from Florida and the heat hadn’t been working so the tiles in the house are still freezing. Walking in these socks is so nice! And I can’t wait to try out the foot scrub and bath salt!!!

Picture 0110008
Snackies, Ernesto is already eating the peanut butter and chocolate squares:)

Picture 0150012
Some chibis which I need, a cute project bag, some DPNs, and a lovely shawl pin. Hmm, that pin is really nice, I need to make a shawl for myself and actually keep it…

Picture 0160013
Yarnie Goodness! Twist in Rav red!!!! Swoon!!!! And mal in Coco!!!! I love these colors.

And the last bit…

My pictures are terrible…

Picture 0190016

Picture 0200017

My very own shawl!!! For me!!! I can use the shawl pin!!! In DIC Baby in Chinatown Apple (lovely color!!!). The pattern is Wast Side Shawl. I am wearing it right now. I would get a picture but I look terrible.

I have a lot more to blog about, but dinner must be made. Hopefully I can get more time if it snows and we have a snow day tomorrow. Hey I can dream right!

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