Organizing the Stash

Okay I have a closet full of crafts. There I admitted it. I know I have a problem because when I look for a certain yarn it can take me way too long to find it. It is also a huge pain to be taking out these heavy bins from the closet. If it was a straight out it would be okay, but I have to angle them out and always end up hurting myself. I am thinking about using a bunch of smaller containers to sort out the yarn. Now the main question is how do I sort it? By weight? Brand? Color? Hopefully I can figure it out. I would like to clean out my entire closet and organize it this weekend. Any suggestions?

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2 Responses to Organizing the Stash

  1. SusanB-knits says:

    I had mine sorted by weight in plastic tubs. Now that I have a little more room, the fingering is sorted by color. The rest is by weight since there is not as much of it.
    (You could always label the tubs with what weight is inside)


  2. Stacey says:

    Maybe it's a little late, but I'll throw in my methodology (which has improved quite a bit from the moving box that was hiding behind the back door!).

    I sort my stuff by fiber and then by weight. For instance, I have an entire bin full of alpaca because somehow it all miraculously fits in there. I also have luxury bins, which is where all my silk blends go. I have a sock bin, a worsted wool bin, a superwash wool bin, a chunky wool bin, a goat/llama/yak bin, a plant bin, etc. Seems to work ok for me because that's how my mind works. Good luck with the sorting and storing 🙂


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