Spreading Out the Craft Time

I have too many crafts. I am not upset about this, they keep me very entertained. I am a bit upset that I don’t seem to spread out my time between them. I think that I am going to try to alternate from craft to craft. I think that I would like to get to do them all when I craft so not one day knitting and one day quilting. Maybe I will do ten minutes here and ten minutes there. I am just not sure. The real issue is that I just started up some needlepoint, well I still have a bunch of knitting to do, plus I still have the punchneedle to work on. I would like to finish projects instead of just having them add up. So what do you do? Any suggestions?

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1 Response to Spreading Out the Craft Time

  1. I go with whatever I'm in the mood for. I think trying to enforce a crafting schedule kills the urge to create.


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