Negotiating Gummies

This blog was meant to be about my crafts. For various reasons I didn’t want to make it a family blog. Sometimes I can’t help myself and my family life gets blogged. Today is the last day that my parents are here. They leave first thing in the morning. Ernesto and I must now be responsible adults and take care of Babykins and now Baby Baby. We are going to be left alone:)

Anyway I was thinking about what I would name a parenting book if I ever wrote one. I decided that it would be Negotiating Gummies. Everyone in my family thinks this is a great name. You see when we started potty training Babykins we decided that he needed a reward and his favorite things are gummies. It didn’t take long for him to put two and two together and start using the bathroom. Well he still insists on his gummies and tries to negotiate them. He knows he only gets one, but he will try to talk me into giving him two or three. He used to tell us what colors he liked and in turn he fooled us into giving him multiples. We have learned his tricks:)Sometimes he gets two or three, but for the most part we just give him one.

Another idea I had was a book called No Time for Baba. This would be a book for children about how to say goodbye to a stuffed animal. Babykins loves his Baba Bear. He carries him everywhere. I will be honest and say that I am not sure that Baba Bear will last much longer (we have two, but they are both in sorry shape). The amount of love that my son shows Baba Bear makes it impossible for me to write this book. It makes me sad to think of him without his bear, but that is what I would name the book if I wrote it.

If you wrote a book, what would you name it?

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1 Response to Negotiating Gummies

  1. Haha, Ethan does that as well. There is something about the age and negotiations. If he wants a lot of something, he defines it as, “three____.” Hilarious.


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