Woolgirl Sock Club

I just got another of my Woolgirl sock club packages. I think this club is coming to a close soon. I need to figure out if I am going to join again. I really want to, but I have so much yarn and a ton of sock yarn… anyway here are some pictures:

Picture 0080008

Picture 0090009

Picture 0100010

Pictured are the following:
– Two patterns, one for socks and another for fingerless mittens
– Skein of Pigeon Roof Studios in Winter Birches
– A cute birch themed sock knitting bag
– A set of Birch themed greeting cars
– A set of DPNs
– A stitch marker
– A mini crochet hook stitch saver
– Beads for the socks

These wonderful packages make it hard for me to say no when I see the time comes to sign up. I think I might say no to Alice in Wonderland and yes to the just sock club… who knows though what I will do when the time comes:)

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