Back on a Diet

Okay so I know a few days ago I said I was off the yarn diet for good. Well in the past two weeks I have binged so badly that I needed to buy a new tub and I probably need to buy another one once I get it all organized. So I added a ton more yarn and I have been knitting a little, too little. I am going to start again. I think that my last try didn’t work out too well because I started it during my first trimester when I had no knitting mojo and I just wanted to sleep. Since I still wanted to feel close to my knitting I started buying yarn.

I am going to start again with the yarn going out puts money in my savings account. Then when I lose all the weight that I want to lose after the baby, I can use the money I have saved up on some new clothes. So a double diet. It may or may not work this time, but it is worth the effort.

I also really need to organize my yarn. I do not know how to do this yet. Currently I have four large rubbermaid tubs. I think they are at least 18 gallons but I am not sure. I also have some decorative boxes full of yarn. I have yarn everywhere. Any ideas? I would like to keep it contained to a closet in the guest room along with my quilting and other craft stuff. I wish I could move it somewhere else and empty that closet, but I can’t put the yarn in the garage…

In other news I finished the knitting on the test knit I was working on. I am unhappy with it though since I ran out of yarn and had to cut it short. I still have to block it, weave in ends, and add buttons, but the knitting is done and I have started working on my Travelling Woman again…

Picture 0540019

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