Today was like Christmas, my birthday, and maybe Mother’s day all rolled into one! I had the Yarn Crawl, a BSA swap package, and a Woolgirl package.

I have been waiting for the Yarn Crawl for weeks and it is finally here. I didn’t go yesterday because I was too tired, but my mother, Baby Baby, and I left at 7 am in the dark to start our adventure. I had it all planned out, thirty minutes at each store so that we could go to 6 stores in one day. Each store gives you a small door prize and you get entered in for store prizes and a grand prize worth $400 if you visit 9 of the 12 stores over the four days of the yarn crawl.

As I said we left early to get to the first store by 10 am when they were all opening. I had to fit the six in by 5 pm since that is when they were closing. The first store was the best one! It was called the Tinsmith’s Wife. It has only been open for a year, but it seems like they know what they are doing! I know I will be going there and spending a bunch of cash. I got some Mal, Spud & Chloe, Miss Babs, and others. I recommend this store to anyone. It is my favorite in Texas now after Hill Country Weavers. I think Woolie Ewe in Plano is now third. Oh and they raved about Baby Baby and his overabundance of hair which is always a plus in my book.

We then went to Rosewood, then Ewe & Eye. I wasn’t too impressed with these stores. I don’t think I will be going back. But then I went to two stores in San Antonio which I have been to before, Yarnivore and the Yarn Barn. These stores are both very nice stores and have a great selection. The Yarn Barn also has needlework stuff in it so I hope to get some stuff there when I am more accomplished:) Last on our trip after stopping in Panera which is sadly not in San Angelo, we went to Stonehill in Fredericksburg which is super cute.

Here are some pictures from the yarn crawl. The prizes and stuff I bought are as follows:

3 skeins Spud & Chloe Sweater worsted in brown
1 skein Miss Babs Sock in a purple
1 skein String Theory sock yarn in red
2 skeins Malabrigo worsted in Emerald
3 skeins Noro Kureyon in a red/yellow/brown
1 skein of Spark Sock in silver from a local dyer Alisha Goes Around
1 skein Plush sock in pink from Alisha Goes Around
1 skein Manos silk blend in a blue green
2 skeins Louisa Harding Kimono Ribbon in a pastel combo and brown combo
2 skeins Reynolds utopia in blue
2 skeins Schachenmayr nomotta Punto in blues with pattern for a face cloth
2 holiday magazines, Vogue and Knit Simple
Pure Life Rowan book
2 sets bamboo circular needles
2 knitting gauges
Stitch markers
3 cute little pins with sheepies on them
2 lost stitch fixers
A yarn requirements guide
2 more patterns
and the Classic Elite Yarns book Sunday Brunch

Picture 0010001

Picture 0020002

Picture 0030003

Picture 0040004

Picture 0050005

I am hoping to go to Austin on Monday to finish it up with 3-4 more stores.

When I got home 11 hours after leaving I checked the mail. In the box was my Blue Sky Alpaca swap package and a package from Woolgirl. The swap package was from Bliss on Ravelry. I have to talk about the best part of it. The theme of this swap was a magic yarn ball. In this you wrap things inside a skein of yarn. In the middle was a beautiful necklace with the names of my sons. It made me tear up. It was so thoughtful!

Picture 0350035

Besides the necklace, she sent a beautiful package wrapped in pretty tissue paper:
Picture 0210021

All the spoils:
Picture 0220022

The MYB before unwrapping:
Picture 0280028

After unwrapping:
Picture 0290029

And the yarns to make a baby hoodie!
Picture 0250025

Picture 0260026

Picture 0270027

And she also sent three skeins of mal silky!

Then my last bit of yarnie goodness was my woolgirl package. This one was my Emerald City one in the Wizard of Oz sock club.

Picture 0310031

It contained:
1 skein of madtosh
sock pattern
an accessory bag
pen with highlighter
tin with a brooch inside
3 little note pads
gift tags
and a stitch marker from weeones

So it was a Yarn-tastic day!

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1 Response to Yarn-Tastic

  1. SusanB-knits says:

    What a great day! and great stuff!!
    I can't wait to see the goodies you knit up with all the new yarn.


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