10K Prize

I am convinced that Erin from Eat.Sleep.Knit is a marketing genius. She has so many wonderful ideas in her store. One is the Malabrigo club I wrote about this week. Though I probably won’t do it again due to the yarn saturation I have reached, I love the club and will be sad to not do it again if she decides to have another one. Then she has a great store to begin with and yarns that are hard to not put into your cart. Then she has the “contests.” Each yard of yarn that you order gets you a yard in the Yarnathon. As you watch your total go up and get closer to a goal you often through in an extra skein to bump you up to the next level. I went in meaning to only buy 2 skeins or Malabrigo, I ended up getting seven I believe. I ended up getting up to the 10k surprise which was awesome! Last year I actually finished and I do not plan to do so this year. But to top it off Erin also has the Yarn Lotto, a scratch ticket. You get one in each order. I just won $5, not much, but enough to get me to shop. Sheer Genius…

Besides my order, I also got my last TIG shipment. I really liked the yarn, but I am trying to cut back so I let it run out. I also got my Hiya Hiya interchangeable set. I haven’t tried them out yet, but they look wonderful and I love that it comes with a 16 inch cable option since I like making hats!


Hiya Hiya:

My 10k prize, some sock yarn from Cherry Tree Hill, there was also a pattern included:

The Mal:




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