Catching Up on Knitting

Today I caught up on some traveling scarves. I had two of them that were sitting around while I knit on other things and cleaned the house. Oh and took care of Baby Baby. I joined this group a long time ago. I joined in January. In theory, we should have been done a long time ago. But like all of these groups that I join there have been stalls and many hold ups. I honestly wouldn’t have joined the group if I knew it would have taken this long, I didn’t want to have to worry about this while on maternity leave, so this will be the last time I do one of these. But the scarves have been really beautiful unlike the other groups I have been in. If you are questioning it, look at the Ughs on my raverly project page. The scarves were awful and people stopped caring. Anyway, here are the two I just finished and will be mailing today:

Picture 032

Picture 029

In other knitting news, I went knitting in a coffee shop here in town with some gals. (As a side note I recommend never getting coffee in this place or really any place in San Angelo, somehow the coffee always tastes burnt) I took my mom and Baby Baby. Baby Baby was passed out and my mom just needed to get out of the house. Well she saw the yarn that another knitter was using and told me she wanted something like that. Well since I am a good daughter I got her the exact same yarn! It came in today and she is demanding a hat…

Picture 031

Hopefully tomorrow I will have pictures of my punchneedle and of a hat test knit that I should have done weeks ago:(

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