A Clean House!

I moved to Texas almost one year ago. Actually I left Alaska exactly one year ago today. Anyway the point is that I have been in this house for almost a year and it has never been fully clean. The garage was always a disaster. Well the house started getting messy too and the only way to get it clean was to organize the garage so some things could go in there. I just spent three days cleaning the garage and the rest of the house. I think the trash men will hate me for the next few weeks as things get thrown out, but it will be worth it. The house is clean and organized, including the garage. I couldn’t be happier. Hopefully it can stay this way now. And more importantly I can start crafting again.

But in crafting news, I did go to a punchneedle class and I have a little project to photograph tomorrow and post on. I am not sure if I like punchneedle, but it is at least keeping me entertained:)

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