Cleaning Up the Blog

I feel like I have too much on the side of my blog so I am cleaning up a bit. I am going to remove the section which has all the projects I made in 2008. But to keep a record of them I am going to list them here:)

Projects Completed Dec 07 – 2008

* Alex’s Baby Sweater
* Another Pullover for Carlos
* Another Starry Noggin
* Baby Blanket x 8 (including one for a future baby:))
* Baby Sweater for Joey
* Carlos’s Pullover Sweater
* Dream In Color Shrug
* Ernesto’s Cable Scarf
* Felted Booga Bags x 4
* Girlie Merchant Marine Hat
* Herman’s Cap
* Manly Merchant Marine Hat
* Nice Nice Headband
* Odessa Hat x 7
* Peggy’s Knitters Shawl
* Pipe Bag for Cristina
* Scarf for Aunt Virgie
* Scarf for Little Bear
* Scissors Keep
* Starry Noggin
* Sweater for Hunter
* Sweater for Kreuzer Baby
* Sweater for Lincoln Alexander
* Sweater for my Tea Mug
* Sweater for Robin’s Baby
* Toe up Monkey Socks
* Toe Up Monkey Socks on Circulars
* Traveling Scarf
* Traveling Scarf 2

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