Don’t Drink the Water

I may have written about this before so forgive me… Babykins is way too fast for a happy snap camera. So I talked Ernesto into buying a DSLR camera. He indulges me so it wasn’t too hard:) This was in Alaska. I then discovered that I liked taking pictures of things. There was Hatcher Pass, the Cook Inlet, and Mt McKinley (I refuse to call it Denali…). Anyway, I then had buyer’s remorse. I should have gotten the D-80 and not the D-40. I got lots of lenses and though I had no idea how to use them, kept taking pictures.

We then moved to Texas. While here I still had buyer’s remorse, but I still didn’t know how to use my camera, plus it is really ugly here and there is nothing to take pictures of except for the boys. But I talked Ernesto into letting me get a D-90. So I now have a D-90 and nothing but the kids to take pictures of. And I still don’t know how to use it. But I am taking a step forward in my only taking pictures on automatic. I am enrolling in a class at ASU (aka the Harvard on the Concho). So hopefully my skillz will get a bit better.

Now to the point of my post and where the title came from. I live in a place where you cannot drink the water. Well you can, it won’t kill you… but it tastes awful and you almost have to chew it. Ernesto and I buy 2.5 gallon jugs of water at Sam’s and live with it. We only have 2 years and a month left before we get to move somewhere else that hopefully has potable water. Anyway, today we babysat to help out a coworker. I am useless with kids, well except for my own, so we took them to a park.

We normally go to the waterlily park, but we found a nice new park next to the local museum. It has a nice bridge that goes over the Concho River which is full of water that I wouldn’t drink. Last week Babykins accidentally dropped Baba in the river. Luckily he floated for a few seconds and Ernesto was able to save him. But he didn’t let Babykins touch Baba until we washed him. So here is a picture of Babykins playing at this park I have mentioned…

Picture 136

Isn’t it adorable how he is holding the hand of the little boy we were babysitting? I am sure that little boys don’t get cuter than this! Oh and please notice the nice sweater I just finished making him today!

Picture 090

I am only annoyed at the fact that I had to redo the neck since I didn’t bind off loosely enough and that the skeins didn’t match. Notice the bottom of the sweater and the right sleeve which look different. The yarn looked so solid at first. I guess I need to alternate skeins from now on.

We did go to the Butterfly House again the other day. We took my mother and she loved it. Here is a picture of my son the clown and another of Baby Baby being attacked by a butterfly.

Picture 039

Picture 054

Sigh, I have a way of rambling and I am sorry about it. My mind just always jumps from topic to topic. So back to the Concho. This city is sad. It is like a town that died, but refuses to accept it. They build nice places like this:

Picture 104

Picture 131

Picture 140

But ultimately the town is dead. There is nothing here. But at least this gave me a chance to use the D-90 and it goes to show that if you look hard enough you can find something nice anywhere you go, even if you can’t drink the water.

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1 Response to Don’t Drink the Water

  1. The downtown area is very sad. So much of it is rundown and not being used.

    The sweater turned out great! At first, I did not notice the difference and still had to look pretty hard to find it.


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