Catching Up

I have been so tired that I haven’t been posting things lately. Hopefully I can catch up a bit in this post. First, I got some yarn the other day while in Fredericksburg. I think it is quite lovely.

Picture 002

Picture 001

I also got a new bag. It is made by Rowan with Amy Butler fabrics. It is huge and I can use it as a diaper bag and project bag all at once.

Picture 0070007

Also I got some packages in the mail. The first two pictures are of my last Yarn & Tea shipment. I am letting all my subscriptions run out. I think this month is my last month of TIG yarn as well. The only ones that I don’t seem to be able to stop subscribing to are Woolgirl packages. I signed up for the Miss Babs club which will feature important women in history, and I am being tempted by the Alice in Wonderland club that is starting up soon. But the next pictures are of my sock club shipment for August which was delayed to September…

Picture 003

Picture 004

Picture 0100010

Picture 0090009

In other news I have begun a Snapdragon hat and am working on a Traveling Woman shawl as well. I also think that I will be making another Hap blanket for Babykins out of wool this time since he always appreciates knit gifts. He told everyone in daycare today that I had made his sweater:) And I need to make Baby Baby his own sweater too… So much knitting, so little time.

Picture 0050005

Picture 0040004

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