My Obstinate Damnson

The pattern was quite easy. The only reason I have named this Damson, My Obstinate Damnson is because I had such trouble winding the yarn. It is like it didn’t want to be used! But I spent a day untangling and a bit longer knitting it:) I took this project to the hospital with me to work on after I had the baby. I finally finished it today and it is currently blocking.

Picture 017

Overall I think it turned out well and was a good use of some variegated yarn:)

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2 Responses to My Obstinate Damnson

  1. SusanB-knits says:

    Very pretty! It sounds like it didn't take too long to knit once you got the yarn wound.


  2. Lovely! I had been questioning how well Damson would work with a variegated yarn. I think I've changed my mind.


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