Pictures of Newest Baby

Everyone was asking for a picture. I don’t have a lot yet, but here is one of the baby when he was first born. I have yet to come up with a nickname so Baby will have to do:)

232323232%7Ffp536;2)nu=328;)8(5)668)WSNRCG=32(479853 32(nu0mrj

And this one shows all of his hair:)

Picture 033

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3 Responses to Pictures of Newest Baby

  1. Jenny says:

    Awww, he's BEAUTIFUL. Paul is a perfect name too. Congratulations!


  2. Stacey says:

    Awww, congratulations! He's a cutie!! I love that head of hair too 🙂 Keep the pictures coming!


  3. SusanB-knits says:

    He is so cute! Lots of hair!!


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