And Don’t Forget Big Brother Babykins

I will admit it, I was worried about how my little Babykins was going to take having another baby in the house. He has been an only child for almost three years and it was very clear that he liked having our full attention. When I got preggers we started to ask him what he thought about babies and if he wanted one. He always seemed to like babies and he said that he did indeed want one. He would pat my belly and say “Baby in there.” It all seemed to be going okay, but one can never be sure.

Well I am so proud of my little Babykins. He seems to be the most excited about the new baby. He asked if he could share his room with him and he claims that it is his baby. When he starts to fuss Babykins goes to get Ernesto and says they need to help the baby. He also asked about the baby more than about me the whole time we were stuck at the hospital and he was at home with my mother.

Here is a picture of Babykins helping transport the new baby at the hospital:


It is nice to be at home with my little men now:)

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1 Response to And Don’t Forget Big Brother Babykins

  1. Stacey says:

    That's so cute that he's so excited to be a big brother 🙂 I hope you're getting settled in at home with the family!


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