Another Day Another Hat

I have started another hat. Not much progress to show, but I am using this yarn:


That is Malabrigo chunky in the colorway Brillante. I am trying to get rid of my variegated yarns. Well excluding sock yarns of course. I have found that I can never pull off these yarns. They don’t look terrible in hats so that I what I am using this one for… This was intended to be a chunky foliage hat, but that one gave my pregnant hands a lot of trouble so I am making a Bella’s Hat from Ravelry. I doubt that the cables will come out very well, but it might keep the hat from pooling too badly… And it will mean another skein of yarn out of the way. I don’t know much with bulky yarns so it will be nice to get rid of a variegated one. I think that this will leave me only with the Roanoke colorway which I will someday use to make a sweater. I am still no where near getting rid of my yarn, but this makes me feel some accomplishment:)

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