Wishing for Fall

I have never been good in the heat of summer. After spending five years in Alaska I am really wondering if I can survive the heat of Texas. Add being preggers on top of that and I run from AC to AC. I have no idea how I used to run in the heat and humidity of Virginia. Anyway, today it was warm as usual. I think it was in the upper 90s… but we went to the waterlily park in town to let Babykins run and run he did. My mother also got to take a thousand pictures of the waterlilies. I should have brought my camera as well, but well I just wanted to knit. I worked on my alpaca blanket in the shade and it actually wasn’t that bad. The breeze helped a lot. Babykins got exercise, my mother got some pictures, I used up some more yarn. Overall a nice adventure. We went to Alfredo’s after wards for some local “Aguas Frescas.” Which translated to yummy.

It was a nice day but I still can’t wait for cooler temperatures and the end of summer. Fall has always been my favorite season. I haven’t experienced it in many year. In Alaska you don’t really get fall. It usually snows by Halloween… And in Texas well, it is always hot and there are no leaves on Mesquite trees so they don’t change colors. But the cooler weather is something I am waiting for and it seems like I have been waiting forever!

I now only want to work on a blanket I don’t need, sweaters I can’t wear, and other things that I am not sure will get use here. But you know I won’t be in Texas forever so yesterday I cast on a Foliage hat. One of the more popular patterns on Ravelry. I was a complete moron in making it. First I kept fumbling with the needles on the cast on. I am surprised I even kept going. Then I was working on it way too late at night and I kept getting an extra stitch or one stitch too little. I am very happy that I used variegated yarn so that you can’t really see the mistakes I made all over the place. I do like the yarn, it reminds me of fall, but I have to wonder why variegated yarn always looks better in the skein than when knitting up. I am cutting ties with variegated yarns unless they are for socks, because they never look nice. Anyway I present to you my Wishing for Fall hat:

Picture 002

Picture 001

Oh and for those of you following my blog contest, I am still pregnant so no winner yet…

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