Breakfast for Dinner

Today I made some Breakfast Empanadas. They are empanadas with quiche Lorraine in them… I didn’t feel like making them for breakfast so I made them for dinner with a lot of help from my mom. They turned out really well!

Picture 001

Picture 002

I think Ernesto is going to want these again. The downside is that they are terrible for you, but we skipped lunch:)

In crafting news I started a Foliage hat. It has been a pain so far. Starting with DPNs was not fun. The needles kept moving around all over the place. And then I was making the lace way too late last night and I kept messing it up because I was so tired. Oh well. I think I am between 40-50% done with it and then I think I will cast on an Ishbel…

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