Clothilde – Finished!

I finished my Clothilde!!!

Picture 004

Picture 003

I am going to send it to my mother in law. I think my next piece of lace will be an Ishbel for my mother. I have some nice sock yarn for it…

Right now I just started on another cowl for my mother. It is also a test knit. It seems like a pretty quick pattern. But it calls for 16 inch circulars and I only had 12 inches so it is making my hands hurt. This one maybe a project I stretch out a bit just to save my hands.


Speaking of test knits I also agreed to do a baby hat. I am just waiting for the pattern to start that one. Another quick knit. And I also am making Tree Roots Scarf from Ravelry. It is also a test knit. I am about to cast on for that one, though I should go to sleep… Hopefully some nice pictures tomorrow.

Oh and for those who entered my contest, I am still preggers so no winner yet:)

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