Sha-recipes Swap

I participated in a swap in the Sha-recipes group on Raverly. I sent a package a while ago in case I had my baby early. Well still no baby and I got my package yesterday! I wasn’t feeling great at the time and the mail sat in the box for most of the day but it was just full of awesome when I got it! I can’t take good pictures, sorry, but here is a picture of the booty:)

Picture 001

In there you will find some Kettle Corn popcorn, 2 skeins of Inca Marl yarn in a really nice green, two recipes including one for Basil Gelato which sounds super interesting, I also got some nice looking basil to use with it:). I also got a teabag grabby thingie, I am not sure what the technical term is for this, but I really like and am about to try it out with some vanilla almond tea. Also she knit me a lovely dishcloth! And Helenabasket was even nice enough to include some baby stuff for the new one! Such a nice package. I am so happy with this awesome package. Thank you Lisa!

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