Guild Meetings & Caked Out

Today I went to a guild meeting on knitting and crochet. I got to meet up with a lot of ladies and it was a very pleasant 30-60 minutes. I wish I could have stayed for the whole thing, but lately I have been waking up with my feet and hands swollen and Ernesto wanted me to have my feet up most of the day. I promised him I would not stay long so I came home really early into the meeting. I did get all the info though and I think I will be going a bunch of guilds over the next few days including the Embroidery one. Overall a productive meeting:)

Completely off topic, I am totally caked out. I had my last cake decorating class on Friday and I had to make a bunch of roses for the final cake. Well I screwed them up and only got to make three out of 32:( Then I made some little bear cakes for the birthday of a coworker’s daughter. I also made one for Babykins and my sister in law to share. And every other night I was doing some sort of cake decorating thing to prepare for my class. There are cakes everywhere in the house now. I didn’t get pictures of all of them, but here is my graduation cake:

Picture 003

Terrible picture I know. And the cake looks silly. See I didn’t make enough cake mix so the cakes were only 2 inches high instead of 4 so that is why the pillars look so huge in comparison to the cake. Oh well. Now I know that it takes three cake mixes and not two.

Yesterday I also got a swap package. I will post about that when I get pictures:)

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