My Comfy Couch Blanket

Since I seem to have a problem with commitment lately, I started another project. This is a project that I wanted to do years ago, but I didn’t want to spend the money on the yarn. Well I decided to buy the yarn little buy little. I had purchased the first 2 colors out of 6 the other day and the needles. Then I went to Ravelry and found out that since the book with the pattern was published Blue Sky Alpacas changed the amount of yarn in each skein of their sportweight meaning that I need to buy even MORE yarn!!! And I was supposed to be on a yarn diet. Well I want to get the same dye lot so I ordered one more skein of the first two colors right away. Well if you spend $75 you get free shipping so I ordered all the yarn for the third color. This is half of the yarn I need for the project… Half of the yarn needed is 22 skeins. I will need a total of 44 when all is said and done. Babykins keeps asking if this blanket is for him and I keep telling him no, this one is for me… It is my Comfy Cough Blanket and will hopefully keep me very warm for years to come since I might have to not use the heat in order to pay for it:)

Picture 001

Picture 002

Pictures of the first two colors, yes they are different.

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1 Response to My Comfy Couch Blanket

  1. SusanB-knits says:

    I totally understand about spending enough $$ to get free shipping, lol. You have to buy enough yarn, right?
    Very pretty colors for the start of the blanket. The yarn looks soft.


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