Good Knitting Day

Today I had some ladies over for knitting, tea, and scones. It went very well so long as you could ignore the two little boys running around the whole time. But Babykins really seemed to enjoy himself and it was nice to see him play with a little boy his age for a change (instead of just hanging out with us…). Ernesto was picking up his sister in San Antonio. While there he stopped at the Yarn Barn and got me some presents!

Picture 006

Picture 005

Picture 004

Picture 003

I also have a picture of the completed baby sweater for Jeff:

Picture 002

I am working on a baby hat right now. If it is big enough then Babykins gets it. If not then it will be present number 2 for Jeff’s baby and I will try again on a hat for Babykins. There is more than enough yarn on this skein for two hats. He picked it out so I figure I need to make him a hat with it. He keeps asking me for a hat too…

So over all a really good knitting day even if I didn’t get that much knitting done.

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