Newest Addition & Some Projects

No I haven’t had the baby yet, but I did get Babykins a pet. I got him a little betta fish. He picked everything out. No name yet, but Babykins enjoys feeding him.

Picture 005

I have finally gotten my Mystery Socks to the end of clue 3. Clue 4 comes out on Wednesday I think and it should be the last clue. Then I get to make the second sock. It is my first time doing some colorwork and short row heels. I ended up having to decrease stitches where the pattern said I would have to increase so I am not sure what I did wrong, but it still looks like a sock. Hopefully I will be more successful with the second one…

Picture 008

But my main complaint on the socks are my colors. I thought that the green would stand out but it blends in with the blue. I didn’t realize that the blue had green in it too:( So you can’t really see the leaves above the cherries. I am hoping to make these again someday and that time I will be more careful with my colors. But I didn’t buy any yarn for these socks so that is good:)

And here is the progress on my Desert Seascape Stole. Not much, but I can only really work on it when Babykins is sleeping, plus today was a clean the house up day and I haven’t knit all that much anyway…

Picture 009

I also got my Socks that Rock shipment for July:

Picture 002

And my Zen Garden Fiber:

Picture 001

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1 Response to Newest Addition & Some Projects

  1. I love the pretty sherberty colors on your mystery socks. They're not high contrast, but they're pretty!


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