Crushed Cable Cowl

I am working on another test knit. This time it is a cowl. I am going to give it to my mother when done. Since she reads this blog I guess it won’t be a surprise:)Anyway it is full of cables! In honor of starting it I also started blocking Ernesto’s cable scarf. I am blocking like crazy these days:) Anyway here is a picture of the cowl so far, I have done one repeat out of 2.5…

Picture 002

I am also working on a Seascape Stole that I have named my Desert Seascape:

Picture 002

There really isn’t much to show for it right now and it is going to take a long time since I am only going to work on it when Babykins isn’t around.

And then there is my mystery sock which I haven’t worked on very much at all:(

Picture 003

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  1. Yes, I read the article.
    many thanks!!!




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