Forest Canopy Off the Needles

Today I finally finished my Forest Canopy Shawl. I still need to block it and I am waiting on my blocking wires in the mail. I am however finally blocking the dishcloths I made and I am hoping to send them out tomorrow in the mail. If they aren’t dry then hopefully Tuesday.

The Forest Canopy wasn’t a hard knit at all and I am looking forward to casting on another lace project. However, I think that knitting lace while Babykins is awake is not a good idea. I have to constantly put my knitting down and it leaves me with a lot of missed stitches or even an extra stitch. So I think that lace knitting will be a late night thing to do from now on…

And here are some pictures of the unblocked shawl:

Picture 004

Picture 003

Picture 002

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2 Responses to Forest Canopy Off the Needles

  1. SusanB-knits says:

    Very pretty shawl! I agree, lace knitting takes concentration and no interruptions.


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