Still Chugging

These socks are taking me longer than I thought. Today we ran errands for most of the day and I also spent a very long time looking for my small sock blockers. Why I don’t know since I am no where near needing them… But I did find them and I got through the first repeat on the sock pattern. If I can finish these in time then maybe I can do the mystery sock pattern on Ravelry that I want to do. Time will tell, I do want to knit some sweaters too and get started on some lace. Too many projects:)

Picture 027

I did have a cake decorating class today, but it was cancelled since only three people signed up and we need at least four.:( I did but some dishcloth yarn though for a swap I am in. And I got my Yarn and Tea package. I am going to enjoy some tasty tea tomorrow with a Guinness Chocolate cake that I am going to bake. And of course I can knit while enjoying my tea:)

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1 Response to Still Chugging

  1. SusanB-knits says:

    I also have too many projects I want to do. My problem is trying not to start too many at one time!! lol


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