Today I didn’t get to knit very much… I am really tired from staying up last night to finish the Babykins Blanket and I am actually doing work at work… Anyway today I sorted through my yarn bins to get them to close all the way and to try to fit some more in there. I am on a yarn diet. I really mean it this time. I have too much yarn and I don’t want to have to get another Rubbermaid container for it. I still have yarn coming in from my yarn clubs, but I am letting them die out and not renewing. I was thinking about a major destash, but often that is more effort than it is worth. So I am on a yarn diet, if nothing else I have only buy half as much yarn as I use. I am also going to try to work on some sweaters to get some of the sweater amounts down.

Now I am doing another test knit for Writingmom on Ravelry. I couldn’t find my red mal sock yarn so I was going to use indicieta. Except Writingmom used that in her first sock and I wanted to do a solid anyway. So I ended up going through all my bins to look for it. (I wasn’t really trying to organize, but it did help me do so) Anyway I of course found it in the last box of yarn that I had about an hour or so later. But I now have the yarn I want to use on these socks. I am only going to cast on and start on the ribbing. I need sleep!!! So no crazy knitting all nighters tonight:)


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