Blanket Blues

I was really hoping to finish this blanket today. I only have 5 more rounds to go, but it has over 300 stitches I would say and some of the rows take longer than others. So I compromised and decided to finish for the night when I finished another ball of yarn for the main color. After that I wound the last ball of main color and knit a few stitches and then got ready for bed. It is hard to see anything in this picture since the blanket is on circular needles. I am not sure if the cotton was the best pick for this blanket, but in Texas a cotton blanket won’t be all that bad. And my little Babykins wanted the yarn…


So I should finish it tomorrow and then it will be back to another test knit for Writingmom. I think I might pull out the yarn bins and look for a different ball of yarn. I think I want to make these socks with a solid instead of the yarn I have picked. I do need to start the sock over again since I messed up some where or another. I have less than half an inch done so it doesn’t hurt too badly…

You know I do like the pattern for this blanket, though it has been hard for me to keep the correct number of stitches. I think it is because the yarn doesn’t like staying on the needles very well and overlaps all over the place. Anyway I think I might make another one of these with Malabrigo worsted. I have a ton of velvet grapes and I think I could use polar morn as the contrasting color. Not sure yet.

And after thinking about the guild more and more, I think I might just join. You get a magazine out of it and I don’t have to be the world’s most active member. I can go here and there. It would be nice to learn some new stuff and the examples that they showed were lovely… Oh and it seems that they are looking to see if there is any interest in a knitting or crochet guild. I would love for there to be a knitting guild. I guess only time will tell. I need more time in the day. Tomorrow I am planning on signing up for course 3 in cake decorating. Sigh, I really need to win the lottery for all these crafts:)

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2 Responses to Blanket Blues

  1. Olive Hope says:

    I love the colors!


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