Okay so I was really excited about today because we were supposed to have an organizational meeting for an embroidery guild and then people were going to come over for yummy scones. Well last night I stayed up until 1:30 watching movies so I woke up a bit cranky. Babykins was a little champ today so that was good. But I discovered that my bathroom had imploded with these tiny little ants that people tell me are attracted to water. I find this amusing since I have been drinking apple juice for the past day since I ran out of water two days ago… Anyway so I needed to get supplies and kill the ants. I bought bug bombs the other day and decided to use one in the bathroom. Except you have to turn off the AC and it is 100 some degrees outside and I wanted to have company over. But I hate bugs. So I turned off the AC and planned to be back in two hours. I mean how hot can the house get in two hours?

Babykins and I left the house, believe me Babykins needed to stretch his legs, and went to Wal-mart. I got a bunch of fruit for us and water. I haven’t been drinking tea since I didn’t have water! We ate a lovely dinner of chicken nuggets and went off to the guild meeting. With the groceries in the trunk. The meeting was well into 1.5 hours when I finally left. I have no idea how long it really went. Babykins was on my lap the entire time and not making a peep. Such a good little boy. But I am eight months pregnant and he is on my lap and the chair has no cushion and my sciatic hurts already as it is! By the time I finally got up and left the girl who was going to come over had already left and the girl I was going to teach to knit had pretty much agreed that this meeting had gone to long to do a social afterwards at my place.

So I baked scones and cleaned for nothing. I shouldn’t complain. I am super happy about having a clean house! I am sure when Ernesto gets back it won’t last, but for now I like it. And the scones are tasty with my tea now that I have water. I will take them in to my class tomorrow. I am sure they will like that:) So overall it wasn’t too bad and now I have my feet up and I am hoping to knit a good bit. Maybe even finish Babykins’s blanket.

And for those of you asking. I don’t think I will join the guild. I would love to, but my focus is on knitting right now, not embroidery. I am also not sure I have the time to commit to meetings if they are not on the weekend. A lot of the ladies at the meeting are retired so they are free or at least more free than I am on the weekdays. I really would love to do better embroidery and learn new techniques, but I don’t need an embroidery stash right now. Oh well. At least I can still meet with one or two people for coffee and some knitting like I did on Saturday.

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3 Responses to Bummed

  1. SusanB-knits says:

    I bet the scones were tasty! I'm sorry I missed out on them. At least your class will enjoy the rest of them.


  2. If I had known you were right behind me getting out of there, I would have waited in the parking lot and we could have gone back to your place. 😩 I'm bummed too.


  3. same scone 4 a mother?


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