On Being Faithful

I find it amusing that I have been so good lately at being faithful and life is forcing me to cheat. I feel really bad about it. I mean I try to be faithful and I get tempted so much, but when I make up my mind to stop cheating then life comes around and tell me, you must cheat!

Remember those socks that I was working on. The ones that I said I would finish before I started my Rusted Root? Remember how I was itching to make some more hats? Well it turns out that the pattern isn’t correct on the socks and tomorrow I will get to the point where I cannot knit anymore. And then there is a knit night that I have been invited to! So tomorrow I will stray and cheat on my socks. What will I make? I am not sure, but I will be sure to keep you posted:)

On another note the yarn stash continues to grow. Today I went to this cute little store called Finger Lakes Fibers in Watkins Glen. It was nice and I got too much yarn. I purchased two Baby Tulip kits one with colors it termed Monet and another that was more boyish. I am still planning on making a Baby Peapod set so who knows when I will get to there. I also got a pattern to make a hat to go with it. I also got some nice Schaefer yarn in Anne. It is supposed to be especially dyed for the store and is called Finger Lakes. I couldn’t resist. I will post pictures tomorrow. It has taken way too long to upload pictures today of Babykins so I will leave the yarn ones for tomorrow. But in case you wanted to see Babykins again, here is a cute one of him today next to a park in Watkins Glen!

Picture 140

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One Response to On Being Faithful

  1. Leslie says:

    Too Funny, We will have to come up with a name for one who cheats on her socks.


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