Traveling Socks

Writingmom from Ravelry likes to make socks. She designed some socks from all of her adventures when she was overseas. I am currently traveling around 7 months pregnant and with a very active toddler (I think he could power the whole state of New York… NYC included). Well since I am traveling I am making Ernesto some socks. In the 6 years that we have been together I have only made him scarves. I am hoping to end that tradition with these socks and maybe a sweater later in the year. So my goal is to get there socks done to the foot so I can then work on them to Ernesto’s size. I have all week to get it done. Plus I need to have these socks done by the 15th since I am test knitting them for writing mom. Wish me luck! Hopefully I will be able to post some pictures later. I currently do not have my laptop so all my pictures are still on my camera right now.

Another word on socks. This was supposed to be the year of the sock. I have so much sock yarn and only a few finished socks to show for it… So maybe this will be the beginning of my year of socks. I wanted to get 12 pairs done. We will see if I meet that goal!

I also need to get these socks done so I can start on my Rusted Root KAL… Can I be faithful to one project? I am not sure. I am itching to make some hats for my brother and Babykins since Babykins picked out some Malabrigo that he liked… Oh and the little boy also picked out some yummy Rowan. The Woolie Ewe in Plano was getting rid of all their Rowan so they had it at 75% off!!! I got some Purelife, enough to make 3-4 sweaters for $100!!!! Babykins pointed the sale out to me. Though I doubt he will ever knit, he does like helping me pick out yarns and such so he is good to take shopping.

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